Ramakant Achrekar

Ramakant Achrekar

You all would be surprised by the inclusion of Ramakant Achrekar in the family section of Sachin Tendulkar. But for me for the contribution he had on Sachin's career, Sachin himself considers him to be part of his family.

Ramakant Achrekar was the coach of the master in his childhood. In his childhood, Achrekar coached Sachin for a long time and Achrekar had a significant contribution in Sachin’s career. At that time, he was locally famous as a coach in Mumbai. Ajit Tendulkar took his brother Sachin to his training ground at Shibaji Park when he was 11 and used to play cricket in rubber ball not in cricket  (Hard ball). At that time, Ramakant Achrekar was an official coach ofSharadashram Vidyamandir School, from where Sachin completed his school education.

Sachin first studied in Indian Education Society's New English School where there was not any cricket ground and coach. That is why, coach Ramakant Achrekar urged Sachin’s father to change his school and join to Sharadashram Vidyamandir School, where he later started playing school cricket. Sachin did so and it was a very smart thing to do.

Ramakant Achrekar himself played for a long time in the local league of Mumbai. However, Achrekar could not make it in the first class. Nevertheless, he had a great technique and was regarded as a good cricketer in Mumbai. Regarding thos man, Ajit Wadekar, former Indian cricketer and coach, said, “We used to call him the Bradman of tennis ball cricket, such was his technique.” Ramakant Achrekar had a great impact on Sachin Tendulkar and is credited for his coaching to the little master and his success in international cricket.

Achrekar took Sachin in different fields of Mumbai and made him play against and for different clubs. Thus Sachin Tendulkar got habituated to cope up with different conditions very quickly from his childhood. Sachin got chance to play lots of matches in his childhood due to Achrekar’s initiatives. Most of the time, Achrekar made Sachin play against elder and comparatively experienced players both in the net and matches. Thus Sachin got a great exposure and prepared himself for playing in the bigger stage from an early age. Achrekar wanted Sachin to be in cricket as much as possible and he encouraged Sachin Tendulkar to work very hard.

Another important thing is that Achekar came up with a technique of putting a rupee (Indian currency) coin on top of Sachin’s stamps when Sachin got tired having practiced for a long time. Then he offered the coin to all the bowlers of the net. The rule was that anyone who got Sachin out would get the coin. However, if no body could do that, it was Sachin, the winner of coin. To win the coin, the tired Sachin needed to put a huge concentration in his batting. So, from there, Sachin got the base of playing so many long innings in both international and domestic cricket. In this way, Sachin Tendulkar won thirteen coins and he treasured them. These thirteen coins are more than thirteen million dollars as it was embedded on pride and encouragement for a teenager.

In 1990, he was honoured with the Dronacharya Award for his services to cricket coaching. He was also honoured with Padma Bhushan and Lifetime Achievement award presented to him by then Indian Cricket Coach Gary Kirsten.

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